Andres Leandro Pi Front End Engineer & UX consultant



Efectivo Si!
  • I was part of a consultant team for "Efectivo Si!", a financial company from Argentina. The project consisted on understood why the self-referral terminals in their premises were not used at all, and re-design them so their clients start using them. We did research, user testing, analysis, prototype and some user testing again before the real app was built, which it finally was based on our prototypes. You could check out some prototypes on invision(in Spanish) at

ConsumerAffairs Bestmatch
  • I Helped to build from the scratch what it became the most profitable product for ConsumerAffairs. The "wizard" will take the user through a question and match him with a brand. Worked on the wireframes and built the MVP of the app where we validate the product and continue working on it.

Accelone resume viewer
  • This resume viewer web app was an internal tool for employees showcase. All started with a wireframe prototype after a brainstorming meeting, and after some iterations, which include testing, analisis and coding, the web app was built. An example of it the could be find at

SEO mobile app
Sponsumo registration steps
  • This web app is not live anymore but it was one of my fisrt projects where I worked doing UX. Sponsumo was a conference CRM, that needed to improve the registration workflow, making it more fluent and simple, where the user could easily setup their account and start using it right away. I researched best practices of others good registration workflows on the web and after a few protorypes and some testing we end up with solution we were looking for. I made a presentation of this case some time ago and is available here: